E-Design Services

JL Design, a prestigious interior design studio based in Nashville, Tennessee, is excited to announce our latest service… E-Design! Work remotely with our designers and get a detailed plan for the area of your home you want some help with!

Here’s How It Works

Pick Your Package

Pick from our available E-design services. We have packages for small, medium, and large rooms, and can also design specialty rooms!

Send Us Your Info

Fill out our design questionnaire below, send in some photos & measurements, and pay your deposit so we can get started re-inventing your space!

Let Us Design Your Space

Now for the easy part. You let us create a meaningful and functional space in your home or office and we will send you detailed design plans. (Check out some samples below!)

E-Design Packages Available:

Small Room / 100 square feet or under / $600

Medium Room / 101-500 square feet / $990

Large Room / 501-1000 square feet / $1,200

*Special pricing may be required for 1,000+ square feet rooms and/or specialty rooms.

Every E-Design Package Includes

1. A moodboard with inspiration images

2. A storyboard with selections

3. A scaled floorplan with furniture layout

4. A shopping list with product links

Frequently Asked Questions

Find some answers to our most frequently asked questions! Still wondering about something? Contact us and let us know!

What is a “mood” board?

A mood board is a visual tool to help exude the overall look and “feel” of a space.

What is a “story” board?

A story board conveys the “story” of your particular space and reflects actual pieces/ selections that a Designer is recommending for your room.

What is an implementation plan?

Designing a room can be overwhelming and you may not know where to begin. We will help direct you how to begin your project and take the appropriate steps to see it through to completion.

What is a general list of recommendations?

A general list of recommendations consists of main points or ideas that apply to your space.

For example, it may be a numbered or bullet point list with ideas as follows:

  • Consider re-using the existing floor lamp but placing it in the left corner (facing the window).
  • Consider painting the walls throughout a lighter/ brighter color Like Sherwin Williams “Cozy Cot” or Benjamin Moore “Finally Home.”

What is turn around time?

Based on the size of your room and the level of need, turn around time is anywhere from 1 week – 3 weeks.

What does 1 round of revisions include?

Your round of revisions includes up to 3 changes to the selections we have provided. Don’t love the sofa, rug and end table? No problem, we will send you alternatives in a separate e-mail within 72 business hours of being notified.

How much time do I have before I have to submit revisions?

As long as you let us know about any revisions within 72 hours of receiving the E-Design package, we will address the changes you’ve requested.

What if I change my mind after 72 hours?

No problem, simply submit an e-mail through the web-site and we will evaluate the level of need and provide a flat fee for the additional changes you’ve requested.

Step 1: Fill out form below

Step 2: Send in your details

If you didn’t get a chance to submit your room photos in the form above, simply send the following via email:

  • Room Photos from each direction
  • Dimensions of room
  • Sketch drawing of room layout

We can’t wait to get started!


Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Space

  • Stand at each corner of the room and aim the camera at eye level and toward the opposite corner.
  • Take close ups of any special details.
  • Take two shots of the ceiling (one from each far side of the room)
  • Take two shots of the floor (one from each far side of the room).

Step 3: Submit your deposit payment

Small Room E-Design

To finalize initiation of your new Small Room (under 100 square feet) E-Design service with JL Design, please click button below to pay your deposit!

50% Deposit is $300

Medium Room E-Design

To finalize initiation of your new Medium Room (101-500 square feet) E-Design service with JL Design, please click button below to pay your deposit!

50% Deposit is $495

Large Room E-Design

To finalize initiation of your new Large Room (501-1000 square feet) E-Design service with JL Design, please click button below to pay your deposit!

50% Deposit is $600

Specialty Rooms

If your room does not fit the other categories, please contact us! We would love to put together a custom pricing package for your specialty room. We can’t wait to work with you!

Last Step….

Await your gorgeous new e-design! A JL Design representative will be in contact with you soon, and your new design plan will be ready within 1-3 weeks after deposit is received!

We can’t wait to show it to you!


From A Happy Client…

I couldn’t believe how simple and comprehensive the design plan was! What was even more exciting is that JL Design really understood my style and I absolutely loved every piece they recommended. My new bedroom look better than I could’ve imagined!
- Randall Wall

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